For the fixed station (CINEMA STUDIO) a special retractile structure covered by a double layer mantle grants the dark ambience in the room. The size of the structure is about: Length = 9,5 m x Width =5 m x Height = 6,5 m It’s externally shaped like a box with rooftop and it’s very easy to install; the preparation of ground floor is not critical. The structure is based on heavy cement beams simply put on floor and carrying a couple of rails to slide the trusses so that the mantle shall be tense. There’s no problem of asking permission to the local tech department of government and beg for building permissions as this is under all aspects considered a removable structure: in fact the whole structure is considered as “”temporary”” as it is movable on rails and funded on heavy beams simply put on floor, heavy enough to avoid fixing needing at all. The entrance point is controlled with two big doors and further externally closed by a water-proof tend. All movements of doors could be optionally syncronized with the movement of 3D SWINGER so that the doors will automatically open and close at the time of block passage through the door. The extensible mantle is made by a polimeric material that is suitable to be exposed to bad weather, granting the right conditions to work with winds up to 40 Km /h. with closed doors there’s no problem with any wind up to 140 Km / h