Blocks Digitalization Concept

Any block yard could be fit with a
CINEMA STUDIO 3D Web Solution Fix Station

The dark room is illuminated on the inside by calibrated light with a sun-like spectrum. This way the photographic process has the best conditions to perform faithful colors irrespectively any weather conditions outside.

3D TANGO (Smart Tilting Device) and 3D SWINGER (Intelligent Roto-translator) will take good care of your block, effortlessly move it all faces around to let the 3D Web system capture its beauty.
Physical management of the Station is intuitive and assisted by dedicated software that helps out the operator: anyone capable to run a yard can easily learn how to operate a CINEMA STUDIO”.

The pipeline includes 3 main steps:

  • Shooting Station
  • 3D Model Creation
  • Virtual Yard

How to create a block in the system

The first step when your block is ready to be digitalized, is to create a virtual space for it, containing all the information needed for a potential customer

Block Creation Form

The operator will then take the needed photos of the block and put them online in a shared space with our 3d model creation experts.

When those steps are done, the photos will be worked by our expert. This will result in an accurate 3D replica of the block will be created.

This 3D model will then be added to the previously created virtual space, completing all the required steps for the model to be published online, where all customers will be able to analyze it and contact you for it.

How to Load and Unload a Block on the machine

The Roto-translator has to be in parking loading-unloading position outside the dark room to allow handling operations

Load and Unload a Block on the machine

Any block having a length min 2,00 m and max 4,00 m with weight < 40 t can be loaded.

Special care should be given, as usual, when handling fragile blocks to grant block integrity. The block should have at least two well-dressed and squared faces: these faces are selected as bottom faces respectively in the first and the second tour inside the dark room.

The 4 adjustable pedestals have to be positioned within the bottom face perimeter so that the outer edge of the bottom face is completely exposed to camera-shooting and it should result seen like if it is floating in the air.

Block can be loaded and unloaded with the help of a crane hanged with ropes or moved by fork-lifters. Alignment of the block is not critical and it can be easily carried out by any Block-yard operator.

Image Capturing Station

Natural Materials Colors are specially hard
to be faithfully captured

Extensible Covering

Our eye is a fantastic adaptive bio-device that works very well for comparison and can adjust itself to most of the watching conditions: in fact, we have the strong impression to be able to judge the whiteness of marble with the direct sunlight as well as in a not-too-well illuminated closed space or with bad weather.

When it comes to deliver accurate colorimetric information with the support of pictures, the task seems hard: the trend is to capture the color of a (supposedly) well-known object along with the marble surface, which already may somehow help to a certain extend. Capturing correctly (colorimetric faithful images) a whole natural stone block implements a lot of knowledge and technology to grant that whatever the weather and the outdoor lighting conditions, pictures taken at a different time of the day or year and in different conditions may return the same result in the term of color definition.

That is the primary aim of any Capturing Station (CINEMA STUDIO fix Station or EISENHOWER mobile station), to recreate a perfect dark ambiance where a calibrated illumination may give to the natural stone color the accurate image definition. Another task is to easily manipulate the block to turn and tilt it in front of the Capturing Device.

That is possible thanks to the combined action of 3D SWINGER (intelligent Roto-translator) and 3D TANGO (Smart Tilter), which can together orientate in the space the block so that all its sides are captured, and their color and shape will be perfectly suitable for any following onward elaboration. To grant that the shooting process has been correctly pursued, the Marmo3D system provides a set up of colorimetric charts that can be measured by the software, checking that all colorimetric parameters are falling within given strict tolerances.

3D Web Model Creation

Creation of the 3D model is entirely funded
on the analysis of the sequence of images
created by the Capturing Station

3D Web Model Creation

Thanks to sophisticated reverse engineering software the set of images is interpreted and transformed into a 3D object formed by a mesh and a skin with an extremely high level of accuracy and faithful color definition.

Visibility on the web requires a further step, which is specific for any kind of device and enables a special script named Viewer.
That is used to interpret and show at the user’s finger the model, appearing as a floating object, suitable to be tilted and turned as desired and zoomed up to the smallest detail visible with naked eyes in the real world. Some special functions help the user to have an immersive and enjoyable experience: by putting at disposal tools to tilt the object according to absolute references as well as incremental angles freely in any direction.

Zooming will stop before reaching the minimum observation distance. Inertia is provided to give the feeling of a real mass in movement. Viewing a natural stone block for a professional expert is a pure pleasure, as he may express his professionalism to best, understanding the plus-minus points with great determination and confidence.

No more claims, no more buyers will object to the lack of information. Buyers nowadays are extremely demanding and achieve the complete inspection result by physical work at the site, with the logistic support of the yard’s Team. Now the same Team may proceed once, at the time when the block comes in the yard from the quarry, carry out the job one time and go spreading the effective 3D web info to the buyers that will now be finally in the position to decide to purchase without physically visiting the site.

Virtual Yard

Your Brand will have a dedicated space which is your Virtual Yard

From Photos to Web

You may include all 3D Models of your blocks, complete with an extra set of information to help your buyers search and understand your product better.

All actions are fully controlled by you only through your Control Panel, which enables you to:

  • Add a block
  • Remove a block
  • Modify a block.

Additional data are suitable to be implemented:

  • Dimension (cm) L x H x W
  • Weight (t/00)
  • Classification (Material / Product / Variety)
  • Color
  • (Optional) Origin Quarry Site
  • Location of Stock Yard

You have a dedicated page to show your company pictures, expertise, organization. From there your website is connected with a click. There’s an index available to make your Brand easily searchable within the website.

Your Brand has a dedicated presence within your line in the list from where it is possible to immediately reach:

  • Your stock
  • Your company page

  Gravity Center Station 

  Satellite Station 

Fixed station
A. Roto-traslator
B. Tilting Device
C. Image
Capturing System
D. Tele Control
E. Extensible
F. Foldable
G. Inflatable
H. Mobile Station
Set-up System

A. Roto-traslator (3D SWINGER)

3D SWINGER is an intelligent roto-translator capable to get on its special supports blocks of any shape and dimension within given limits

It moves on rails and turns 360° so that all sides of the block can be correctly positioned in front of the camera and the lighting system. This way it can be shot from all angles.

Max weight:
40,00 t

Min size:
L = 200 cm x H = 60 cm x W = 60 cm

Max sizes:
L = 400 cm x H = 220 cm x W = 220 cm
(providing max weight is respected)

The firmware makes life easy, and all motions are guided by an intuitive sequence of steps. The camera shooting cycle is automatically synchronized with the block positioning movements. All movements are very smooth and quick.

The block is positioned on four adjustable steel feet that will stay within the block’s lower face perimeter. The device’s structure is strong, and the rotation happens thanks to a 1,2 m diameter slewing wheel with heavy-duty gear. Feed rate is governed by a powerful motor through a gearbox.

B. Tilting Device (3D TANGO)

3D TANGO is a smart tilter with 4 independent arms each of them able to turn 90° from horizontal to vertical position and back

3D Tango Tilting Device

It’s able to tilt a block on-board on the trolley, without any needing of external hoisting means.

When in rest position all arms are down and horizontal. In that position 3D SWINGER may transit with a block carried on through the tilting device 3D TANGO without any interference.

When the tilting cycle is required, two arms out of four are lifted and waiting for the block to touch both of them. From that moment the two bodies of 3D TANGO lift so that two horizontal arms take in charge the block’s weight.

From that point, all four arms execute a 90° rotation in synchronized mode. Once tilted, all arms go back again to the horizontal position. 3D SWINGER goes in receiving position with four supports adapted to the second face sizes.

Then the two bodies of 3D TANGO will descend to rest position, leaving to 3D SWINGER the charge of the block weight. International Patent.

C. Image Capturing System

The main camera is specially profiled in association with calibrated illuminators in order to capure with extreme accuracy the whole range of colors of stone, in all existing nuances

Image Capturing System

The resolution is extremely accurate and grants that the smallest detail will be nicely represented.

The lighting system is controlled through the result on the image of the collection of calibrated colors, specially selected to match the spectrum of colors of natural stone.

The camera shooting cycle is automatically synchronized with the block positioning movements and entirely controlled by the Roto-Translator 3D SWINGER.

All images are collected according to a precise protocol and channeled to the server, which will build the 3D model according to the pictures’ high quality.

D. Tele Control Panel

Operator will work far from the block and with all information available on screen, along with complete set of commands to operate each and every part of the system

The cabin is spaceful: Length = 4 m x Width =2 m x Height = 2,7 m.

It’s a real office space conceived to give the right environment to the operator who can carry out station government and file documents as well while interacting with the outside world through the window.

It comes with a panoramic fixed window, a small openable window, and the main door. The cabin is all fit with safety glasses to avoid protection bars, enhance visibility and protect the operator.

The cabin may be dressed with a climatization unit.

E. Extensible Covering

For the fixed station (CINEMA STUDIO) a special retractile structure covered by a double layer mantle grants the dark ambience in the room

Extensible Covering

The size of the structure is about

Length = 9,5 m x Width =5 m x Height = 6,5 m

It’s externally shaped like a box with a rooftop, and it’s easy to install; the preparation of the ground floor is not critical. The structure is based on heavy cement beams, simply put on the floor and carrying a couple of rails to slide the trusses so that the mantle shall be tense. There’s no problem with asking permission from the local tech department of government and beg for building permissions, as this is under all aspects considered a removable structure. The whole structure is considered “temporary” as it is movable on rails and funded on heavy beams put on the floor, heavy enough to avoid fixing need at all.

The entrance point is controlled with two big doors and further externally closed by a water-proof tend. All doors movements could be optionally synchronized with the movement of 3D SWINGER so that the doors will automatically open and close at the time of block passage through the door.

The extensible mantle is made by a polymeric material that is suitable to be exposed to bad weather, granting the right conditions to work with winds up to 40 Km /h. With closed doors, there’s no problem with any winds up to 140 Km / h.

F. Foldable Basement

Moving station concept is based on a foldable steel frame suitable to be set-up in two possible modes

Foldable Basement


In this mode, it completely resembles a 40′ container, suitable to be loaded on a truck or to be sea-freighted as an open-top 40′ container.


In this mode, the container-like structure transforms itself into a steady platform where 3D TANGO and 3D SWINGER find their place, immediately ready to go as opened.

The photographic set and lighting system are pre-positioned and go back to their precise working position as soon as the platform opens. An inflatable covering structure is readily positioned and could be erected in a matter of minutes, creating a perfectly dark room resistant to atmospheric events. Patent Pending.

G. Inflatable Covering

For the moving station (EISENHOWER) a special inflatable mantle is provided, pre positioned so it is ready for the erection immediately at the time when the structure is open

The size of the structure is about: Length = 12 m x Width =9 m x Height = 7 m

Erection takes about 25 minutes; the covering structure is shaped like a tunnel with an entrance at the front.

The doors as well are inflatable and driven by a mechanical pivot in the floor.

The inflatable mantle is made by a polymeric material that is suitable to be exposed to bad weather, granting the right conditions to work with winds up to 30 Km /h. Over 50 Km / h it should be deflated, and when recovered into the foldable container there’s no problem with any winds up to 140 Km / h.

H. Mobile Station Set-up System

EISENHOWER moving station can very quickly be opened up and put at work anywhere in open space to serve locally storedd blocks

Mobile Station Set-up System

Its overall shape when it is folded up and ready to go on the road to reach the next destination is 40′ Hi-Cube Container-like and can be accordingly managed with any suitable truck.

Once at the site, it can be positioned to any kind of ground, its servo-mechanized feet will enable a fast and perfect platform leveling. The walls and ceiling will tilt becoming a floor, and the inflatable covering will blow-up and create a dark room.

The photographic system will be easily erected, and it will effortlessly find its optimal working position as the lighting system and camera are based on tilting mechanical supports which are made to find-back the registered position that has previously been set-up.

3D SWINGER (the intelligent roto-translator) and 3D TANGO (the smart tilter) are ready in position and immediately available for operations. All connections of the moving station with the main server are granted by everywhere-working satellite connectivity, to cover even areas out of the telemobile network.

Setting up takes less than 90 minutes while closing up to 60 minutes.