Blocks Digitalization Concept

Any block yard could be fit with a
CINEMA STUDIO 3D Web Solution Fix Station

The dark room is inside illuminated by calibrated light with sun-like spectrum, so that photographic process has the best conditions to perfoirm faithful colors irresdpectively any weather conditions outside.

3D TANGO (Smart Tilting Device) and 3D SWINGER (Intelligent Roto-translator) will take very good care of your block and effortlessly move it all 6 faces round to let 3D Web system capturing its beauty Physical management of the Station is really intuitive and assisted by a dedicated software that really helps out operator: any operator capable to run a yard can easily learn how to operate a CINEMA STUDIO”.

The pipeline includes 3 main steps:

  • Shooting Station
  • 3D Model Creation
  • Virtual Yard
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