Marmo3D offers a new business model based on transparency

What are the aspects this new way is going to cancel?

  • Necessity for Blocks Buyers to take the pain of a long flight to be ableto buy a block
  • Health risks linked with traditional inspection procedures such as clients climbing on blocks or checking lower part of a block hang up by crane
  • Impossibility to confirm a Block purchase on pictures
  • Objection of Architects that using stone in a Project surely implements a high risk

INSTEAD, Marmo3D new methodology makes everybody’s life much easier:

  • Blocks Buyers may comfortably check their selection frm their office laptop
  • Not any travelling cost and time required
  • Offering to Architects an image of a modern and reliable business procedure will remove all their objections from roots

Yes, today this technology is available!

Visit please:

See the presentation and smile to the new wordl of transparency

Video 1

See here how it is possible to capture the perfect 3D Model of a Marble Block

Video 2

Hyper-Realistic Rendering of Capture Sequence

That’s shown  in compressed-time mood: real sequence lasts about 20 minutes to Capture a Block

Shortly later yr Block will be on-line in 3D
See examples in

  • Stazione Fissa


  • Stazione Mobile

(entry level evoluto)

(top di gamma)

  • Componenti

(Roto-traslatore intelligente, sempre incluso)

(Smart Block Tilter, opzionale)